Form Function Style

Form Function Style assists both developing and established artists in the creation, development, and promotion of their surface design brand.  We are proud to be representing artist Susan C. Price’s new surface design brand, as well as Morton Design House, and Unkie Monkie Studios.  Pattern your world!

Morton Design House

The intricate patterns and dazzling prints that have come to define the Morton Design House aesthetic began decades ago with a fascination with photographing gardens both formal and informal.  Filling the frame with masses of a single species of flower or foliage creating a seemingly unending field of color and texture characterized early prints created as backgrounds for computer graphics.  Since then Morton Design House has expanded into surface design featuring mesmerizing collages of flowers, plants, and insects in lavish paisleys and geometric prints for textiles and home décor.  Form Function Style is pleased to represent Morton Design House licensed art.  Live beautifully!