Welcome to Summer!

We must admit we can’t quite believe it’s here already!  This photo captures the season at its best: bike riding on a sunny day in a small beach town, with a splash of color from a silk scarf from the Monarch Collection by Mark Barclay Design.  Available now at Art Of Where here.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Taliesin Line” from Schumacher

Living in the greater Los Angeles area, we’re lucky enough to have access to a number of Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic homes, and commercial buildings.  The Hollyhock House, the Storer House, the Ennis House, the Freeman House, and the Anderton Court Shops are just a few of his achievements located here. While we’ve seen his sketches…

Leggings as Works of Art

Susan C. Price has made a selection of her original paintings available on leggings and other apparel in her Art Of Where online store.  They always turn heads wherever she or her fans wear them!

Centennial Cookies no one can resist!

  Created from a photograph of a tray of glossy, glazed sugar cookies, the Centennial Cookies surface design from Unkie Monkie Studios is a knockout on textiles and home goods – and makes an outstanding shirt!  Check out more of this great pattern on print on demand goods at Cafepress, Roostery, Spoonflower, Art of Where,…

Monarch – a fan favorite

Of all the surface designs created for the Morton Design House collection, Monarch is the pattern people continually return to.  Upon receiving an art print of the pattern, one fan remarked, “There’s something mesmerizing about the way the colors and patterns are juxtaposed that keeps me coming back to it.  I see it even when…